Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How lucky we are!

How lucky we had been!

I was looking at the stats on NationMaster again and saw the Tsunami stats. NationMaster provides good stats, but no sats could ever explain the feeling of being there!

That morning a group of us had been moving out of Bangkok to visit Burma as we had never been there. We went down to Ranong and boarded a "Long Boat".

We headed out from the Thai side to the Burmese side however when we had been about in the center, we go struck by a large wave. We knew nothing, however everyone went rather silent and lit up their camels. Burma was interesting however we moved back to the Thai side of the border. I remember laying in my room when my friend called from reception. Switch on the TV!, switch on the TV! The first we knew about the tsunami in our own backyard was when we saw it on CNN. Go figure! Thai TV followed later with the news. We had been very lucky! We know that now.

More tomorrow.....

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